What is IMSI?

IMSI stands for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. It is an advanced technique used in conjunction with in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) to select and inject sperm with optimal morphology into the egg for fertilization.

The steps of the IMSI procedure are as follows:

  1. Sperm collection: The male associate presents a semen pattern on the same day because of the egg retrieval. The sample is then processed inside the laboratory to split the motile and wholesome sperm.
  2. Sperm Magnification: Using an excessive-strength inverted microscope with stronger magnification and evaluation strategies, the embryologist examines and selects the sperm with excellent morphology (shape).
  3. Morphological Evaluation: The selected sperm are evaluated for various parameters, such as length, shape, and structural abnormalities. The excessive magnification allows for a detailed evaluation of the sperm’s morphology.
  4. Egg injection: The selected sperm is injected immediately into the cytoplasm of every mature egg using the icsi technique. This step guarantees that the most effective sperm with ideal morphology is used for fertilization.
  5. Embryo culture: After the injection, the fertilized eggs (embryos) are cultured inside the laboratory for a few days to permit development and growth.
  6. Embryo Transfer: The last step involves transferring one or more evolved embryos into the girl’s uterus. The switch is commonly finished a few days after the egg retrieval and injection.

When IMSI may be considered as a treatment option:

  1. Severe Male Infertility: IMSI is particularly beneficial when the male partner has excessive sperm morphology problems, inclusive of a high percentage of abnormally formed sperm or a history of preceding failed fertilization attempts with the use of popular ICSI.
  2. Repeated IVF/ICSI Failure: If a couple has experienced repeated failed IVF or ICSI cycles due to terrible fertilization costs or embryo improvement, IMSI can be considered to improve the possibilities of a successful fertilization and high-quality embryo.
  3. Advanced maternal age: In cases wherein the female partner is of advanced maternal age, IMSI can be recommended to select the very best-quality sperm for fertilization, as the first-class of both eggs and sperm tends to say no with age.
  4. Previous Genetic Abnormalities: Couples with a history of genetic abnormalities in embryos may additionally choose IMSI to increase the chance of selecting genetically normal sperm for fertilization and decrease the chance of passing on genetic issues. 
  5. Unexplained Infertility: In cases where infertility cannot be identified, IMSI may be attempted to enhance the selection of morphologically normal sperm and improve fertilization rates.

Why Choose Delfinium Fertility and IVF Centre

It is important to consult with a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist to determine whether IMSI is a suitable treatment option based on your specific circumstances and infertility factors. At Delfinium Fertility and IVF Centre, we firmly believe that every patient deserves personalized and compassionate care. Dr. Nalini Gupta and team will answer your questions, and provide transparent information, empowering you to make informed decisions about your fertility care.

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